I love horses. Riding English and create the best of it always was a passion for me! It's never to late to start riding either! I ride bareback and horses are my passion. Ask me any question :)

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I am slightly obsess with her… Just a bit! #laying#TennesseeWalker#cute#sun#fall#brown#foal#filly#loveofmylife#tiny#mygirl
You are the one I’ve been waiting for … ❤️ no matter how young you are I am glad I found you!#horseofinstagram#cute#TennesseeWalker#foal#hope#love#brown#small#proud#canadian#loveofmylife
It’s that time of the year, (midterms) when you take out the Jack Daniels! #JackDaniels#whiskey#drinking#school#midterms#sucks#relax#country
It’s official I can finally say that Hope aka “The reason why” is now mine! I have a horse now! #foal#tennesseewalker#hope#cute#adorable#baby#mine#horse#horseofinstagram
When you wake up to this for hunting…❄️#hunting#cold#snow#sucks#freezing#early#mornings#country#life#alreadywinter
Anonyme: What would you define as a fake country girl ?


I don’t know exactly. There’s many types of ‘country girls.’ 

for example, I am a closet country girl. I have simple tastes, wear my boots when I want, only wear my cowboy hats to shows, but I’m not afraid to wear my ball hat and muddy boots out in public. But, I won’t be flaunting the camouflage and plaid shirts every single day. I don’t own a truck (anymore) instead, I drive a gas-efficient car so I can pay for fancy things for my horse. I like country music, but I do like other genres too and I for one, I don’t call myself a country girl. 

You have the real country/rodeo girls who wear there boots everywhere and totally kill it. They can dress up camouflage and look super hot, but you know they’ve been up at 6am feeding horses or helping with cows and you know after school they’re probably going to work on a farm or a barn, whatever. These girls usually drive the most badass trucks and probably pay for a lot of it themselves. These girls love country music, and not just the typical Luke Bryan stuff, they listen to old school, real country and know every word. The best way to spot these types of girls: They hardly ever call themselves country girls, because they don’t need a label, they already know who they are. 

You’ve got your fake country girls. Now, I used to use the term “fake country girl” a lot, but it can be pretty offensive, so now I just call them ‘almost country girls.’ These are the girls that wear the Bass Pro hats with perfectly straightened hair or their camo shirts with their lulu pants and Uggs. These are the girls that have boyfriends or friends that are country and they just want be just like them. This is totally okay and absolutely fine, but it gets annoying when you are afraid to get muddy. 

There’s nothing wrong with being a closet country girl, like myself or a “fake country girl.” You are who you are and you like what you want. If you want to wear the camo shirt with a plaid jacket and camo hat, go for it, I totally applaud you and I love it. 

SO I guess, it’s really your own opinion as to what a “fake country girl” is, but sometimes it’s pretty easy to tell. BUT DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS’ COVER FRIENDS. 


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